Digital technologies —
mobile, social, big data and cloud —
are disrupting businesses
everywhere by revolutionizing the
role technology plays in our
everyday lives. -Gartner 2015
Server Hosting

Lighthaus Group can provide virtual servers, dedicated servers and cloud servers as part of a completely managed hosting solution.

Virtual servers are perfect for typical hosting workloads as they can scale quickly and easily with the needs of your website or application.

Dedicated servers are ideal for workloads that have serious resource requirements – such as running large, busy databases that need the maximum possible CPU and disk performance.

Cloud Servers allow you to spin up (and then quickly tear down again) ephemeral environments on demand; perfect for test and development environments or for coping with large fluctuations in traffic. When your website is experiencing peak traffic loads significantly higher than your average load, quickly spinning up new servers behind your load balancer really helps!

Lighthaus Group’s dedicated and virtual servers are connected to our world class network and hosted in our state of the art data centers. Servers are provisioned quickly and setup fees kept to a minimum. We can also build hybrid solutions leveraging a combination of server technologies.

Virtual servers can be self-managed; but if you don’t have system administration skills in house then you’ll want Lighthaus Group Complete for top-to-bottom server management, right up to your code.

Lighthaus Group’s web hosting services are backed by our 99.9% service level agreement and we offer flexible terms; month-to-month, and 12 month agreements can be arranged to suit your needs.





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